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Travel Guard


Are you looking for someone to deal with the airlines, cruise lines & hotels for you?

To listen to what is most important to you and your family or customers?

To serve you honestly and in a timely manner?

To have your back if something goes wrong?

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GREAT! Then call or email us to set a personal appointment to talk about your travel plans. We love to plan trips and share our knowledge about destinations. And we are passionate about the travel experience - finding you that perfect place that will allow you to share love, bond with your family and friends or experience new things - whatever YOU as an individual want. Making decisions on which destination, hotel, activities, air schedule can become a little stressful to plan on your own. As your professional travel agent we can take all that stress away.

Wendy Knaub's Group Travel and Cruise Shoppe, Inc.

We promise to listen to your wishes and to make personal recommendations based on our 32+ years experience.

We always provide service with a friendly greeting and a smile.

We anticipate the needs of our customers.

We make all effort to exceed our customer's experience.

We take ownership of any problem that is brought to our attention.

We are committed to act in the highest ethical manner and respect the rights and dignity of others.

Travelling allows you to connect with others and can make a positive difference in your life. And remember - the internet is for looking, a travel agent is for booking!

We make phone and personal appointments and take the time to get to know you, your preferences & style so you end up at the right resort or on the right cruise. 

Feel free to browse using the tool bar to the left and give us a call or fill out the travel request form.

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